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Great Win For Mona J1 vs Sligo

Sunday 3rd November 2019 2:30pm KO

On a cold wet day in the Castlegrounds, Monivea welcomed the Sligo Men to Monivea Rugby Football Club.

A well pumped Monivea side came out of the dressing rooms on fire.

They were determined to prove a point and hit the ground running which has not happened in previous matches .

Just 4 mins in and Colm Neary hits the Sligo line.

5 Mona

A battle was to take place for the next 15 mins between these two teams with the ball going up and down the line constantly.

It was Sligo who were going to hit the Monivea try line next.

Mona 5

Sligo 7

Sligo turned on the pressure and kept Monivea in their half for the next 15 min but a great defensive line by Monivea kept the visitors from getting in over the line.

A breaking ball and fast hands by the backs takes Rory O Connor down the line and over the Sligo try line with Diarmuid Gavin on Rory's Shoulder .

It was try number 2 for Monivea.

Mona 12

Sligo 7

Poor playing conditions and very difficult handling conditions sees a knock on by Sligo and Mona are in Sligo's 22 again.

A penalty awarded to Monivea from a scrum and definitely within range for Ger Warde .


15 Mona

7 Sligo

Half time !!!!

It was Mona that were going to come out the stronger side in the second half .

With 2 difficult missed penalty kicks the Monivea lads were determined not to leave the Sligo 22. Sligo put in a great defense against a much stronger Monivea pack, it was only a matter of time that Mona were going to hit the try line.

25 mins in and Ger Warde and Mark Flaherty were in over the line with Ger hitting the Sligo line

20 Mona

7 Sligo.

Minutes to go and the 1st time that Sligo were to get into Monivea half in the second half.

It was try number 2 for Sligo.

Final Whistle.

Monivea 20 - 12 Sligo

Speaking after the game, Head Coach Darren Blade stated that some of the mistakes of previous games had been put away in this game.

A huge team performance today proved to any critics that Monivea are a serious side and a side not to be underestimated by any of their opposition.

Huge Performance today from Cathal Lane and Francis Carton helped put Monivea back on the league table and a worrying concern for other teams.

An outstanding performance from replacement Ryan O Connor at 9 also deserves a mention here .

Well done Mona 💪

Onwards and Upwards for next weekend for Blade's men!

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