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Great Weather for Rugby as Monivea U 18.5's Host Connemara

Monivea v Connemara

Sunday 27th October

KO 12pm

On a perfect day for Rugby in the Castlegrounds, Monivea welcomed the Connemara men but it was Monivea who set the stage from the kick off.

A quick turn of foot and pace sees the powerful Irish International Cathal Fleming run in a try in the first 5 mins. A try that was easily conceded by the Connemarra men. Monivea set the early marker. They meant business this day.

The athletic and fast hands of Dara Newell see him pop a kick over the Connemarra defense and he is off. Try number 2 inside of 10 minutes by Newell and a conversion kick by Kelvin Langan makes it

Mona 12 vs 0 Connemara within 10 minutes.

With footwork that could only be described as a scene from Riverdance sees Rory Collins run the Connemara defense ragged and Rory off loads 5 yards from the line to the powerful Paddy Freeney who was never ever going to be stopped.

It was try number 3!

Connemara had to stop this deluge fast.

A well planned try gets the Connemara men off the mark

Mona 17 - 5 Connemara

A dead leg sees Conor Gill replaced to return later in the game but Monivea were not finished and David Daniels runs in another try before the half time whistle .

Half time score Monivea 22 - 5 Connemara

As Monivea well know and have learned from past encounters with these Connemara men, do not think this game is over or won at this stage by any means.

Second Half

It was the Connemarra men that put Monivea under intense pressure for the first 15 minutes of the second half but the Monivea men stood up well to this pressure.

It was the lightening speed of Full Back Evan Connolly who was going to get the scoreline moving in this half and a well placed conversion by Kelvin Langan put Monivea in charge again.

With play getting tougher and huge tackles been put in, Cormac Feeney is replaced due to injury and the reluctant hard to put down Paddy Cannon came off with injury, only for Paddy to come back in later in the game.

It was newcomer and huge potential Dara Murphy-Coyne who was next to hit the try line .

The replacement David Conway was going to make his presence felt on the field with huge carries, made it difficult for the Connemara men to stop this onslaught. With Paddy Cannon back on and pure determination and defiance to get a try and a mention here 💪. It was Paddy next for the try line.

Try number 7 Paddy Cannon.

But it didn't stop there with the Brilliance and speed of Evan Connolly running in another try just before the final whistle to end the game with a scoreline of

Monivea 50 - 5 Connemara.

This was a day to remember for the Monivea side but not to forget Connemarra will be back for revenge at a later stage.

Well done lads!

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