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Doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning

Mona 18-17 Westport


This was one game not to be missed !!

The sentiment

"it ain't over till it's over"

was very much to the fore today.

On a bitterly cold dark evening.

it was Monivea who welcomed Westport to the Castlegrounds.

This was always going to be an epic battle.

It was Westport that were to lead from the start with with 2 line breaks that seen the Westport Captain run down the centre and put Mona on the back foot

A converted 1st try and a second try gave the visitors a 12 vs 0 lead.

It was Mona turn to turn on the power and that they did .

With scrum after scrum of sheer brilliance and strength they found themselves 10 Mona vs 12 Westport at half time.

A penalty kick from

Ger O Connor and a Ronan Coughlan try converted by Ger O Connor

Half Time

A slow start in the second half by both teams left the game a little dull like the weather.

With the Castlegrounds almost in darkness with black clouds ascending

The game was going to be set alight with a penalty kick awarded to Mona leaving the game at 13 Mona 12 Westport.

Westport were not going to give up on it here and with power introduced back into the Westport pack it was Westport who were going to use their power to push over for a try.

17 Westport vs 13 Mona.

With determination and the will to never give up in typical Mona fashion that has been very much in evidence from Mona since the beginning of this league campaign.

The Mona boys set out to do this again.

This time in a fashion that any club could only be proud of.

Mona found themselves in the Westport 22 with minutes ticking away .

It was now or never !!!!

Pod after Pod and with some handbag stuff added in for good measure.

They pounded away to get within scoring distance of the Westport try line .

The ball comes out and across the back line with the last pass loose it was controlled incredibly by Rory O Connor who grupper kicked it and chased like a mad man to touch it down and get the try .

Unbelievable stuff.

Mona 18 vs Westport 17 .

The word that there was 8 mins left from the Westport players behind the post was a wish to far.

Game over !!!!!

Mona 18 vs Westport 17.

Well done lads.

A bigger well done to the U12's

who braved the cold and graced the hallowed grounds of the Castlegrounds at half time to put on a brillant display for the supporters of the future of Mona rugby.

The future of Mona is very strong thats is for sure.

Both the u16's and u18.5's games were both called off

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